Friday, February 20, 2009

Twilight Zone
Hello? Is there anybody in there?
Paper Back Writer
It is very strange. I could just as well be writing on a blank piece of paper and then tear it to shreds. The theory is that their are more writers than readers. So many blogs and so little time. I have to get to work.
My story is a romantic comedy. I wrote it like it was the story I wanted to read. I want a story to make me laugh. I want a movie to make me laugh. One of the challenges for me
after 9-11 was for somebody to make me laugh. Nothing was funny to me anymore. The comedians I relied on were shooting blanks. Even after George Bush has retired, I find those entertainers were not so entertaining. A few voices do stand out. One is a famous talk show host who is a big lovable fuzz ball, the other is Dennis Miller. I used to watch him do the pseudo news on SNL. Dug him then. Pre 9-11 he used to do these shows on HBO. Bill Clinton was President. It was a different time. Miller used to go into a "rant" and the lighting would get dark and all of a sudden he was standing against a black background. His rants were frequently about something that had been bugging me. He would put it in such a way that you are shouting at the TV "Yeah! That's what I think!"
I have to cut this short. It's almost 9:00 am. That's when Dennis Miller is on, got to go.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am back to work on my Queries. This time, I will be right to the point. This letter will be a quick read. I am going to tell what needs to said. Will it be so abrupt that it will be instantly rejected? No. There's no telling what won't be rejected. I must go check on Nathan Bransford's blog now. Progress report later.