Friday, January 9, 2009

I was going through my files on my attempts at writing a good query letter. Man, some of those early ones were week at best. I have been researching the subject. There is this basic thing the agents are looking for. Oo some say just the facts but try to be eloquent. Or don't get frilly just one page. Grab their attention. Don't try to get too personal. Leave your personality behind. This is business. From not knowing much, I do know there is a lot I continue to learn. 
Last night I filled out a questionnaire type query. I thought it was cool because the literary agency was helping by asking the questions that they wanted answers to. Nothing more nothing less. I might have failed a few questions. When I did the synopses, I was trying to be like the jacket cover of my story. 
So many times I stand in the airport bookstore desperately seeking something I want to read. I love intrigue, comedy, mystery, all with a good sprinkling of romance. I need that jacket cover on the book to tell me," read me." It is hit or miss, I need a book for the airplane ride. I have to tell you, my best score was a book by Jonathan Tropper "How to talk to a Widower". This is LOL. People next to me looking at me strange because of my LOL.
New year's resolution: Find an agent. Sell my art so I can help out our financial situation, write the second book of "The Big Thaw", it's called "Miner's Pass Miracles and Mysteries." 

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